In Reelfoot, Tennessee Wildlife Abounds at the Blue Bank Resort


In Reelfoot, Tennessee Wildlife Abounds at the Blue Bank Resort


If you are a follower of “outdoor enthusiast gossip,” you’ll have heard more than just whispers when it comes to Reelfoot Lake located in northwest Tennessee. A creation that stemmed from the New Madrid earthquakes of 1811/1812, this particular location provides an ideal fishing paradise when it comes to pan fishing for crappie, bass and bluegill. And when it comes to the hunting community, people head in droves to Reelfoot Lake in order to take advantage of the plentiful deer and duck populations. Birdwatchers, as well, have jumped on the bandwagon and seek out Reelfoot in the months of January and February; this is the ultimate time to sit and watch the most majestic creatures of the sky live free in a natural setting of bald cypress trees –the American Bald Eagle.


When the wildlife is this ideal, you also look for the most ideal place to stay. That, too, is not a problem. When it comes to lodging, fine dining, clean, affordable facilities, and fishing and hunting that’s out of this world – with the most skillful guides provided on Reelfoot Lake – Blue Bank Resort is the one that guarantees you will receive it all. Take a look at just a sample of incredible packages that you can choose from:


A true VIP Experience is what the Reelfoot Bird Blind Packages are all about. Offered year round (excluding December 1st-January 25th), the packages begin at $50 per person and include a baited gas heated blind with kitchen to prepare meals. The VIP experience that can be had includes the overnight stay, three meals, a guide to cook and call, private viewing of an active Eagle’s nest, and even tickets to Discovery Park close by.


Discovery Park of America is where all the kids and family members can have a grand time. Located in Union City, this museum, park and garden sits on 50 acres of land and features exhibits and activities on everything from nature to military history to art and science.

When choosing Blue Bank Resort, you can also receive private boat tours that extend from one to three hours. One of the best Reelfoot Lake guides hosts this private tour for 1 to 5 people, and the $125 per boat price is exceptional.


For those who wish to get out their binoculars, the Bird Watching Packages available at Blue Bank Resort are also outstanding. You can choose from a 2-Day Weekday, a 2-Day Weekend, or an Overnight Special Package that include, lodging, dinner and tickets to the Discovery Park adventure.


When the hunter comes to “play” at Blue Bank, both the duck hunting and deer hunting packages remain among the best of the best. Duck Hunting Packages range from weekdays to weekends and include: lodging at the resort for 3 days and 3 nights; 3 days of guided hunting with a superb Reelfoot guide; and, 2 meals each day.


Deer Hunting Packages, whether choosing weekday or weekends, also involve lodging at Blue Bank for 3 days and 3 nights, along with 3 days of hunting, 1 meal a day, and transportation to and from the stand.


Looking for that trophy fish instead? At Reelfoot Lake the Spring Fishing Packages range from the 2 Day-Getaway to the 5-Day Blue Bank and the weeklong Sportsman’s Package. Beginning at $299 per person (with kids 12 and under staying at no cost with two paid adults), the springtime season runs from March 1st to May 17th and offer the cleanest facilities on the lake. All of Blue Bank’s Fishing Packages include: lodging, boat, gas, bait, ice and more. And that just covers the spring. There are also incredible fishing packages offered throughout the rest of the year, so whether it be Summer, Spring, Winter or Fall you’re celebrating, Blue Bank Resort has you covered in Tennessee.

Blue Bank Resort doesn’t just stop at the wonders of the outside world, but also offers a stunning marina, restaurant and more. With this combination, you are looking at not only a great vacation for the family but also a superb destination for corporate events. To find out more about this “gem” of Tennessee head to, From the wealth of wildlife to the soaring Eagle, it will take your breath away!


Source:  Sportsmans Lifestyle




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