Is Australia Repeating the Horror Story of Lennox




The horror of dangerous dog law is taking life away from families not in America but across the world. Go due south and you will find Australia’s nonsensical version of breedism. Apparently a cheap replica of America’s breed-specific legislation, the Aussie law allows so-called “dangerous” breeds to live with people as long as they are registered, but not if they are not in any of their records. This mockery of responsibility is currently the thorn in the life of an Aussie woman whose pet dog has been seized by the authorities in City of Monash, Melbourne, Victoria.

Yahoo news reported the story of Jade Applebee’s pet dog Kerser, who according to her owner is an American Staffordshire cross, was seized by the city council because it was not registered with the authorities. An absolutely friendly and happy dog, Kerser has no history of any kind of aggression. But he was sentenced to death by the city council because he was or looked like a pit bull. An international outcry against the decision of Monash authorities followed and the owner filed an appeal against the council’s decision. One of her appeals has been turned down already and now her last hope is the appeal heard by the Supreme Court while the dog has less than a week to be released or killed by the court.

With 30 thousand people supporting her, will Jade Applebee win the case for her innocent and harmless pet’s life? The best answer is yes, but the condition applies: the court has to prove that it is objective, sensible, and not blind to justice. The worst scenario will be for the court to repeat the story of Lennox in Belfast where justice was executed in from of the harmless dog simply because it was or looked like a pit bull.

Currently, petitions at more than places are gathering support for Kerser to be released unharmed.

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